How to Fix the Restart Pop-Up Error in Bitdefender Antivirus 2016?

When you install or update Bitdefender antivirus on your computer, it ask for restart for completing the process. And sometimes despite restarting the computer you might see these pop-ups regularly on your computer screen.

Furthermore, if you have selected yes option in the pop-up is automatically selected if you mistakenly press enter at that moment your computer will be rebooted. To fix this error you need to upgrade your Bitdefender 2016 to Bitdefender 2017 with right procedure.

Bitdefender-Antivirus support

Why you need to upgrade Bitdefender 2017?

If you upgrade your Bitdefender 2016 to 2017 you will get extra powerful protection from various threats. And there are few more interesting features of Bitdefender 2017 listed below with Bitdefender antivirus support for troubleshooting various issues online.

Anti-Ransomware Protection

Ransomeware attacks nowadays are very high across the nations. Hence, Bitdefender 2017 will give you a full-fledged real-time protection from Ransomware outbreaks. Anti-Ransomeware security now comes with better protection against new threats in the form of all types of Ransomeware files trying to encrypt the computer files.

Wireless Internet Security Advisor

You might be connecting your PC with Wi-Fi hotspots at cafes, railway terminals, parks, shopping malls, airport and other public areas. Have you ever though how these freely available Wi-Fi connections are safe. But if you have Bitdefender 2017 you will get Wi-Fi Security Advisor that scans such public networks and if there is any risk you will be warned or get the best suggestion for protecting your privacy and enjoy a safe web surfing.

User-friendly Functions

Bitdefender 2017 has been designed with more user friendly interface to provide easy to use internet security software to everyone. In new version you will find key button on main menu with better navigation and quick access of other functions. While using this version of Bitdefender if you need a help you can call 1-8772405577 at Bitdefender support phone number for online support delivered by the certified customers with quick online solution.       

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